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Blossom Goodchild And The Federation Of Light by Lyn Nichols in Society at Isnare

‘The Bridge, is bringing forth new information on the ‘end of the world’ as we know it. It has valuable insight into the importance of raising our vibrations, why this is necessary and how we can achieve this. At a time when the world is full of fear, greed and negativity, this book will fill you with hope and inspiration.If you have ever wondered about Outer Space Visitors and the reasons behind their visits to our world, the reality of the loving part they play in our future will absolutely stun you. At a time when most people feel it would be impossible to achieve a world full of love, peace and harmony, you will be filled with awe and inspiration at the help and the love that surrounds us.In the last few days Blossom has been given new instruction from Federation Of Light to spread the word of their arrival to our skies on 14th October 2008. Here is the letter that has been channeled through Blossom and that she has been asked to forward to as many people as possible, so that we can be aware of what is to take place and the reasons for their arrival.TO LEADERS, GOVERNERS, POLITICIANS AND ALL PEOPLE OF EARTH.We wish it to be understood that on the 14th day of your month of October in the year 2008 a craft of great size shall be visible within your skies. It shall be in the south of your hemisphere and it shall scan over many of your states. We give to you the name of Alabama.It has been decided that we shall remain within your atmosphere for the minimum of three of your twenty four hour periods. During this time there will be much commotion upon your earth plane. This field is necessary for us, as there shall take place a from those in your world who shall try to deny that we come in LOVE.KNOW OF THIS COME TO ASSIST YOUR WORLD. WE DO NOT COME TO TAKE OVER. WE DO NOT COME TO DESTRUCT. WE COME TO GIVE YOU HOPE.We are beings from other planets, who for many eons of your time have been preparing for these days ahead. We ask each soul that reads of these words to accept in their heart the Truth that lies within. For in that place there is the knowing that this is to take place. There shall be many who deny. There shall be many who dismiss. There shall be those who KNOW of this TRUTH. Which ever you may be let this be understood. IT SHALL TAKE PLACE.We give you the opportunity to capture on screen this particular ship. There shall be no contact in the form that those of your planet would like. For this initial presentation, we shall simply be presenting our ship to you. We say to you That shall certainly be enough to comprehend initially.All kinds of methods shall be carried out in order to try and penetrate through our security barrier, but they shall be to no avail. Until we can PROVE to you that we come in LOVE, we will not allow the fullness of our visits to be uncovered.KNOW OF THIS THIS IS THE BEGINNING NOT THE END.Your governments and your media will try to disguise us. This will fail. All avenues have been covered by us. Your media will have no choice but to portray the TRUTH for it shall be there for all to see. Friends of earth. Do not be afraid. We beseech you to TRUST that we come to bring the downfall of those who have misintentions for the well being of your planet. If we do not intervene now as has been planned for eons of your earth time then we fear it would be too late.WE ASK YOU TO ACCEPT US IN LOVE. FOR THAT IS WHY WE COME.The sayings that your world have been aware of via your movie screens etc were not merely make believe. We have been planting and watering seeds of Truth on your planet in preparation for these days. FOR INDEED WE COME IN PEACE.Fill your souls with TRUST in that knowledge. We are your brothers and sisters from other places. Our technology is far advanced. There are those in high places of ruling that KNOW full well of this. Therefore they know that there would be little point trying to that they need weapons to destroy us.On this day that we appear, we ask you to listen only to your hearts and NOT to the words of those who shall be in great fear of losing their power. For too long your world has lived under a cloud that most of you have been unaware of. If you were to KNOW the Truths of what has been hidden from you, you would be appalled and in great disbelief. It is time for your souls to be allowed to be who they are. The veil is to be removed.BE OF JOY. IT IS A TIME FOR THAT. YOU SHALL KNOW OF THIS AS YOUR HEART ACCEPTS THE TRUE REASON FOR OUR VISIT. TO BRING YOU AN UNDERSTANDING OF LOVE. KNOW THIS.We choose to leave it at that. Be vigilant. Keep your eyes to the skies. Keep LOVE in your heart. WE THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT SIGN OFF, GIVING YOU ENCOURAGEMENT AND HOPE AS WE BEGIN THE ASCENSION INTO THE NEW WORLD.Each one of you has chosen to be here for this ascension. Choose now whether your human form will Accept it through LOVE Or Reject it through FEAR. May the Highest aspect of your soul fill you with Light as you move bravely forward. Gratitude to each one as they assist us in the cause.A note from Blossom I am aware that Alabama is NOT in the Southern Hemisphere. I queried this to the Federation and was told days of old, it used to be If anyone can find information on this, I would be most grateful if you could contact me via my website. It has also been suggested that maybe the name of a craft. On researching it appears that Alabama has a NASA space centre. I thank each one of you for taking the time to read this and to pass it on. It required great courage to send this out. I hope this allows you the courage within yourselves to continue on your own personal search for YOUR TRUTH. The article is strictly for educational or entertainment purposes only and should not be used in any way, implemented or applied without consultation from a professional. Please read our Terms of Service for more information.500 451, Enterprise Network Unified Access Essentials Exam is a fame instrument to make social and professional matters winning and succeeded. The course blueprint of this 500 451 Exam contains the themes: Enterprise IP WAN advances, Wan and Core, Optimizing Application with WAAS, IWAN Secure Connectivity, Intelligent WAN (IWAN) Technical Overview, Unified Access, Executing UCS E and Cloud Connectors, One Management Foundation, One Network Building the Wired Foundation, Converged Access Solution, Executing Prime Infrastructure 2.

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