cheap longchamp bags just a ceiling fan. now i havent taken any collage courses yet. im 20 and needed a break from school and in the meantime decided to get married and have kids. i dont know if ill ever go back

Bad news for winter babies

While this piece of information is news to me, supposedly research has been showing for years that (on average) winter babies grow up to be less educated, less intelligent, less healthy, and lower paid than people born in the spring, summer, or fall. Now, researchers think they may have found a reason why.

According to an article in USA Today, babies born in the winter are more likely to be born to women of lower socioeconomic status, and they are likely to have mothers who are unmarried teenagers who lack a high school diploma (coincidence that winter is nine months after prom?). Some also speculate that better educated women might take more control over the timing of their births and try to avoidbeing dueduring winter, which is seen by many as the most undesirable season to have a baby.

Any validity? Did you try to have your child born in a certain season? (The only thing my husband and I actively tried to avoid was having a child born in December so that he wouldn have a holiday season birthday.)

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I have 2 January birthday girls, a brother that in January and step siblings who all have atleast one December or January birthday child. Another friend has all 3 of her boys born in January. We all have college degrees, most of us have masters as well and my friend with the 3 in January? She has 2 masters degrees. I actually loved having babies in the winter when we could snuggle inside and didn have any excuses to get outside unless we wanted to. When spring rolled around we were ready for walks etc. My oldest is actually a late summer birthday child and I actually purposively avoided that with my next 2 b/c I didn want to worry about sun exposure and no sunscreen under 6 months,etc. I have friends that found Fall was the hardest time b/c when they were finally ready to get out and about it was winter.

Sounds like one of those studies that someone with nothing better to do decided to make up and base off 3 or 4 people but hey. I dont know that for sure as for the prom/winter connection, all the girls I knew who got pregnant around that age did NOT get pregnant just after prom, seems like yet another silly connection to make Everyone that I know with winter birthdays seem fairly intelligent, all college educated, politically involved and all around awesomely intellectual. I too, being college educated, plan on working my next pregnancy to end in midwinter so that I don have to deal with the summer heat, and the large numbers of other women going into labor at the same time as me. I got shuffled just a couple hours after birth to another (smaller) room with my new baby to make room for another woman to have a large delivery room.

when my mother was pregnant with me it got so hot in her last trimester. consistantly over 100 degrees here in north dakota. i was an august baby so it really sucked for her, plus they didnt have A/C! just a ceiling fan. now i havent taken any collage courses yet. im 20 and needed a break from school and in the meantime decided to get married and have kids. i dont know if ill ever go back, not because i cant, but because i have learning disabilities that make it really hard and stressful to be in school. perhaps a few online courses once my son, whos due later this month, is in school, but thats about it for me i think. i have a high school diploma, so there goes the theory about winter babies being born to teens who lack that. but i did poorly in school and i cant work because of medical issues, and i was a summer baby, so there goes that too. DH was born in march, which is still winter here, and he went to collage and did a double major, and is one of the most intellegent people i know, and i know a whole lot of really intellegent people. expert and legally a (at least according to his IQ test.) anyway just goes to show this is a bunch of bull.

I have 2 children, they have different fathers and am not married and both were born before my 20th birthday.

I finished high school, got my certificate then fell pregnant with my first the following year he was born 2 months after my 18th birthday.

Does that mean my kids are both going to fail in life?

Living in Australia, our Winter is the middle of the year (and our school year starts in Jan/Feb ends in Nov/Dec)

My first was born in December (3 days before Christmas and in the middle of Sumner!!) and his father wasn in the picture.

I then met my soon to be husband before my son could even walk and fell pregnant again.

4 years later we are engaged, both working hard to raise our little family and saving for our future.

I don think its the back ground or month you were born that decides how your life will play out. It the person who decides. You just need to make the right choices.

My baby is due on the last day of January, and all the women in my family have their high school diploma, including myself. I not a teenager either, I will be 22 in March. I am unmarried, but I think that is simply irrelevant. (My boyfriend is 22 and we have been together over 4 years, which is longer than a lot of new parents have been married)

Lastly, why would a women want to have the end of their pregnancy be in the summer? I think it would be most uncomfortable! I am much warmer this winter being 9 months pregnant, that for sure!

I think this information may have some truth coincidentally, but I would not take heed to such nonsense.

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